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Before you begin turning the pages of this July/August issue, coming out tomorrow in select newspaper subscriptions and various locations throughout the Golden Crescent, I want to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Rodrigo and I have been with the Victoria Advocate for just over a year. That being said, I was happy to take the reins from reporter Trysta Eakin, as this magazine has given me the opportunity to discover what makes this region such a great place to live, raise a family or build a career.

This particular issue marks a few different milestones for GC. First off, this is the magazine’s one-year anniversary issue. We’ve officially published a year’s worth of content including the area’s top 5 businesswomen, boosters, philanthropists, bachelors/bachelorettes, doctors and now chefs. I have a growing list of places to visit, people to interview and things to experience from festivals to wine-tasting and more. There is much to be explored and written about.

Second, we’ve seen a lot of changes on the editorial side of things here at the Advocate. We had a change in hands in the design department earlier this year, and now we have a change in reporters. As I take over for this issue. I hope that I can fill Trysta’s shoes accordingly, and that you’ll be there to join me. I wanted this issue to reflect a little bit about who I am, so I dubbed this issue’s category, Top 5 chefs. To those that know me, and those that will get to know me as this magazines publishes, I am a lover of all things food. My favorite thing to tell people is that I am a “fat-kid at heart.”

Growing up, food was always a big part of our family. We always had big gatherings with family and friends with spreads of traditional Filipino food and other favorites. I can remember insisting that I was old enough, and big enough to help in the kitchen by washing dishes when I was in third grade. With the help of a chair propped against the counter, I was able to tackle the task of cleaning up after my siblings, and from then on I was always eager to help out, taste-test or just watch as my dad would transform simple ingredients into memories. Hopefully, this issue will serve as an introduction to who I am and leaves you hungry for more.

Lastly, this issue kicks off the start of a second year of content. Let me know what you want to read about. I love hearing from readers, it’s the best way to learn about an area that is new to you. I mean sure I can pick up a book or search for ideas on the Internet, but who better to consult than those people who already have generations of family and friends in the Golden Crescent. I encourage everyone to shoot me an email, call or comment on our Facebook page,, and let me know if you have ideas of places to write about or people to meet. This is the magazine of the Golden Crescent, so let's make it yours.

I do hope you enjoy reading this issue of the GC Magazine and the issues to come. I know I have enjoyed talking to everyone in the stories and getting to know some of the faces of those in the community. Until next issue, I look forward to hearing from you.

Be good, eat well. Jessica Rodrigo