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Every year, when Halloween approaches, pumpkins hit the supermarkets in mass quantities. It's a sea of different-sized orange globes spilling out of industrial size cardboard boxes, sandwiched between gourds and other members of the squash family. It's usually a sign for all moms and dads to pick up the kids after school and let them choose which pumpkin they are going to carve for the wicked holiday.

I remember one year, my siblings and I picked up pumpkins from the store with our parents about a week before Halloween. In a flurry of excitement, we took it upon ourselves to hollow out our pumpkins and continued to apply our templates and carve out scary grinning faces or skeletons, or other Halloween-themed scenes.

To our dismay and surprise, at least for us children, the pumpkins were dried and wrinkly the night of Halloween. The tops nearly fell in when placed on top and I think one of them didn't fit at all and had to go without it. As a kiddo, I probably never noticed the way those seas of pumpkins dried up and were never to be seen again until next year. But if this were the case, then is it true that all pumpkins we enjoy during Thanksgiving are made from a can or store bought?

I don't think this is the case. I think there are people out there that buy in surplus and save their pumpkins for a rainy day, or day of giving thanks. I missed my window. I always do. I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe they'll continue to sell them beyond Oct. 31. I was disappointed again, however. I am interested to see if I can get some takers on my plea for pumpkins.

If anyone will donate a pumpkin to me – free of carved scary faces or other Halloween terrors, of course – I will make from it some homemade pumpkin pie with some homemade spiced whipped cream. It's good pumpkin pie, I've made them before and was looking forward to making some for the holidays this year, but like I said, I missed my window to buy some pumpkins from the local H-E-B.

Bring your whole pumpkin, along with your name, address and telephone number, to the Advocate newsroom, upstairs at 311 E. Constitution in Downtown Victoria.

I look forward to it to pumping out some pumpkin pie.