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As a hybrid employee of the Advocate – at least that is how I refer to it – I am a copy editor/page designer, which was my primary title when I joined the Advocate July of last year, and also serve as the reporter for GC: The Magazine of the Golden Crescent. To manage my time, my days off fall during the week, on Thursdays and Fridays right now, so I am usually out of the office those two days.

My work with the magazine requires me to check my email a lot and also engage in multiple games of phone tag. I was expecting a call from a someone Thursday, so I came into the office to check my phone messages. As I came around the corner to my desk, I saw, with much delight, a large pumpkin in my chair.

I let out a quiet, "wahoo," and read the note that had been fastened to its stem with a thick, tan rubber band. In neat, half-print-half-cursive script, it read, "Sara Hounshell," her address and a two line memo that made my day, "Loved your post! Can't wait for pie!"

Image Sara Hounshell's donated pumpkin will become the centerpiece of a delectable dessert later this week. Ready your forks, it's time for pie!

After I brought my present home from the office, I started pilfering through my recipe books, dog-earring and planting Post-it notes on pages that had recipes I wanted to try with Sara's generous donation. I had a recipe in mind for my pie already, but I wanted to try other pumpkin recipes for the rest of the slurry I would stockpile in my freezer like a field mouse hoarding seeds for the winter. Meredith Cash, a long-time Advocate copy editor and page designer, was just as excited as I was. She started perusing her cookbook library and the web for recipes too.

The offer still stands, for those of you who are interested in some homemade pumpkin pie this month. Bring your donated pumpkin to the Advocate and leave your name, address and telephone number with the pumpkin and I will visit you with a homemade pumpkin pie and spiced whipped cream. But, please, give me some time to get it to you, pumpkin from scratch takes some time.

Bon appetit!