Blogs » The World is My Napkin » Is food service in the Crossroads subpar?


Before I graduated college and took a seat on the Victoria Advocate's delivery desk, I spent nearly 10 years working in the restaurant industry. I worked in a mall food court, worked as a salad/appetizer girl, a cocktail server and a waitress. I wore many hats, and I met many people.

Since leaving the industry, I have seen a lot of changes in the way things are done. Different ways of taking orders, different styles of cuisine and also a change in manners. I'm not sure what it is these days, or maybe I have just been oblivious to it before, but people seem to be more unruly when it comes to food service.

And that goes for both sides of the counter.

Some people who work in the industry are mean or come off short. Customers on the other hand, seem to be less patient and more demanding. I read a story today about a server who was attacked after refilling the waters at a table too often. And, of course, another table recorded the mishap on a cellphone when the fight had to be broken up by other employees and onlookers.

I can't help but wonder, though, is it the servers at fault or is the customer at fault? I'll admit, I've been on both sides of the table. I've dished out some bad service and I have been rude to my server before. I am sure we've all done it, whether intentional or not. But when is it acceptable? Or is it ever acceptable? Is a server who comes to the table repeatedly to refill water glasses deserving of assault?

Or is that as a consumer society, we feel that we are entitled to having the best possible service despite what other events are happening in the lives of our server? After all, we are human beings, right? What ever happened to the Golden Rule?

I don't know about other people here in the Crossroads, but I have heard some horror stories from friends when they eat out. Some things are expected, however. If you're sitting at a table of nine and have spent 45 minutes waiting for your food, you should know it will take a while for the kitchen to complete your ticket. If you're dining with two other people, an hour-and-a-half wait is far too long and should be questioned. Have you had some bad experiences here in the Crossroads? Bad enough to where you wanted to assault your server? Let me know. I'm curious about what other diners think?