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One of our many tasks as a employees in the newsroom includes manning the front desk. The other day I was up on the schedule from 3 to 4 p.m. and worked an extra hour for John, since he didn't show up for his 4 to 5 p.m. shift. You're welcome, John.

Anyhow, while I was there, I met a friendly woman, Henrietta, who was looking for some help with an upcoming family reunion she was planning. Without having to spend the extra couple of bucks on a classified ad, I told her we could post it on our online calendar for people to see when they are looking for or posting community events.

The only snag was that the event isn't scheduled until the end of June. I explained to her that the event wouldn't show in the print version of the Community Calendar until the week of the reunion, which by then would be a little late for her since she is looking for these family members now so they can begin making plans to attend the reunion. She told me that her family is big and live in all parts of Texas, including Victoria to San Antonio and beyond.

It made me think about how fortunate she is to have so much family nearby to her, or at least within a few hour's distance of Victoria. Our relatives have dubbed my family as the "New Mexico Rodrigos." The rest of them are scattered throughout sunny California. The hard part about that is when there is a wedding or a baptism we are invited to but can't attend because of time off and traveling expenses. That's why I was so glad to try and help Henrietta with her search for relatives.

As we sat at the front desk and I add her reunion to the event calendar, it was obvious this was big family. There were so many names and names one could infer were from a different time and definitely Mexican descent. I want to help her get in touch with as many relatives as she can so here is a list of the relatives she is looking for.

    Salazar Family Members:
  • great-grandmother Belerina Fuentes
  • great-grandfather Martin Salazar
  • grandmother Inez Aguilar
  • grandfather Pedro Salazar
  • Uncle Jose and Maria Longoria
  • Uncle Pedro and Yisedra Longoria
  • Aunt Belan Cablas
  • Unlce Chencho and Galla Aguilar
  • Uncle Pacqel Salazar
  • Uncle Mogonio Salazar and Miquela Rios-Salazar
  • Uncle Jose and Amaila Cablas

Henrietta's parents are Jesse Salazar Sr and Roberta Salazar. I hope this helps reunite the Salazar family, because since my family is too far away to have a reunion with, she might as well be able to have hers.

If you are related to any of these people or know who they are, please contact Henrietta at 832-438-7666 or email, or Anna Valenzuela at 361-571-9262.

I told her good luck and that I would try my best, so here goes nothing.