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This Saturday is the 20th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Through a partnership between the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, the National Association of Letter Carriers in association with the Campbell Soup Company and other sponsors, non-perishable, canned goods will be collected and sorted to be delivered to area food pantries and soup kitchens.

So grab your step ladder and dust off those hard-to-reach cans in the back of your pantries, cabinets, shelves and junk drawers at work (you know you have one) to make a donation. I know I have a few cans of tuna that are just taking up room and there is that random can of hominy that I found and will never use (I think I grabbed it by mistake when I thought it was a can of kernel corn). Even if it's just two or three cans of soup, tomato sauce or cranberry sauce, it will be used.

Just think, if everyone left two cans of food to be picked up along with their mail on one block of six homes, that's twelve cans of food. That might mean four days of three meals or nearly two weeks worth of dinner for a family.

For me, food is always on my mind. There constant dialogue about what I am going to eat for the next meal or snack on in between meals. I have an ever-lasting inventory of what's in the fridge, or the pantry and what leftovers can be transformed into fried rice or a tasty quesadilla. Along with that, I have decided that one of the many goals in my life is to help people forget about being hungry because my favorite memories revolve around eating. No one should have memories of going to bed without dinner or waiting until getting to school for a meal.

Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to grow up in a family with food on the table for all of us, but I can rest assured that if I needed the help the resources here in Victoria would lend me a hand. The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent is there to lend a hand to those in need. The programs they have are designed to help deliver food to the people who need it the most and with the postal food drive, which is their largest food drive of the year, they will have more to give out.

According to the food bank's website these foods are needed the most:

  • Meals in a can (stew, chili, soup)
  • Tuna / canned meat
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned foods with pop-top lids
  • Low sugar cereals
  • 100% fruit juices in single serving boxes
  • Canned fruit packed in juice
  • Canned vegetables (low salt)

They ask that you avoid donating items packaged in glass as they may break during the sorting process or transport.

If there are any other inquiries about what donations are acceptable, call the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent at 361-578-0591. I plan on helping sort through the donations and I hope to see you out there, too.

Let's help diminish those memories of hunger and build positive relationships around food. I'm open to hearing new ideas of how to accomplish this, so let me know.