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Yesterday, as Luke and I were leaving the house for a short walk for a cold beverage at the corner store, he grabbed the mail and handed me two items. One was a flyer from Suddenlink and the other was a brown paper bag for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

I was pleased to see it, since it was just another reminder for people that the food drive is coming up. I set it by the microwave and we were on our way down the street.

The weather has been kind to us lately and I hope this weekend will continue to provide us with the cloud cover, but no rain. It may prove unbearable if the sun is out in full force since there are no major trees to seek refuge beneath at the U.S. Postal Office on Sam Houston.

Large bins will be set up the location where volunteers will sort the items to be inventoried at the back the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent's warehouse.

Once inventoried, those items can be purchased by agencies for use in their soup kitchens or food pantries. So the more food collected the more agencies can be helped.

After our walk, I can went through the cabinet and pulled things to fill my brown paper bag. I grabbed that can of hominy, a few cans of tuna, some beans, cake mix and I know there is a case of tomato sauce in the garage that Luke's brother gave us. We decided a long time ago we weren't going to eat all of it, so we might as well donate it.

That can of hominy will finally have a purpose in life. That can of hominy will finally have a purpose in life.

Since we both work 40-some hours a week, we haven't made our way to the drop-off locations for food donations. Since the food drive has been proactive in sending out these bags, its become that much easier for us to donate.

Don't forget now, the food drive is Saturday. All you have to do is put some non-perishable food into a sturdy bag and leave with or in your mailbox for the mail carriers to pick up. They'll take it to be sorted and then it'll make its way to the food bank's warehouse.

If there are questions, be sure to contact the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent at 361-578-0591. I hope to see you out there, or at least your non-perishable donations.