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I know I haven't been on here in....well forever, but I had a rant that is just bugging the hell out of me! I have a friend that since March has had a man breaking into her house on multiple occasions and trying to steal her sons Adderall. The first time or two he succeeded, but she started to take it with her. Twice now she has gotten pictures of the man, once on a hidden game cam and 2 days ago on a security cam. The Goliad Sherriffs Department has been called every time and they have not returned calls, came to investigate, nada, zip, zero...NOTHING! This isn't the only issues. Several people through out the county has had the same issues, theft, breaking an entering, and they have all reported it with no investigation! Now she has more than enough proof and still nothing. The department needs to get busy and do their job! Or they need to step down and let somebody else who is willing to, do what they are getting paid for. How many times is the SAME person going to break into the SAME house and be allowed to get away with it? Once should be to many! And the fact that on the video footage he goes through the whole house, passing up all the other medication and jewelery. Only ONE time has anybody came out, and they didn't even know that Adderall was a controlled substance!!! WTH??? How does a law enforcement official not know that it is speed??? It's used to treat ADHD but to anybody without ADHD it is clean and pure speed! And the deputy had no clue it was a controlled substance! I mean COME ON?!?!?!?!