Blogs » Thought of a Renegade Pastor » Black Friday is Upon Us


I love all the hussle and bustle and shopping during the Christmas season. As a pastor it seems that you are expected to come up with some “spiritual” reason to distain it, but I don’t. I love going to the mall or grabbing a bag of popcorn at Target and people watching. What amazes me is the Jekyll and Hyde transformation that people go through during this weekend. People that think others are crazy for camping out hours, even days, for a movie or an open seat concert will do the same thing for a deal on a LCD TV, The latest PlayStation System, or a Tickle Me Elmo. Normal, calm, well-adjusted people become a combination of an NFL linebackers and Olympic sprinter as they rush to the toy section to get one of 20 Betsy Wetsy dolls at 80% off. People push, shove, fight, gripe, and make life miserable for retail workers.

With all that said, here is my one piece of advice for this crazy shopping weekend. Behave in such a way that you would not be embarrassed if all the people you came in contact with on Black Friday and Saturday show up and sit down next to you at church on Sunday. Keep that in mind and you might keep your sanity this crazy weekend. Be safe out there, and save a 58’ LCD TV deal for me.