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All the talk about health care, death panels ect.

IMO, people are just p1ssed about the way they have been treated by primary physicians, hospitals and labs.

IF the government is really serious about cutting costs, first, tort reform, yeah I know it doesn't make much difference in states where it's been implemented, but anesthesiologist are the most sued members of the health care industry.

I bet surgeons really hate anesthesiologist, there the surgeon is, whether operating on a broken bone or a heart, and the guy setting on a stool watching monitors, gets paid more than the surgeon does.

Another reason most people dislike the health care industry is the scheduling practices they use.

A person is sick, needs to see their doctor, the office assistant says "your appointment is at 10 am"

The person gets there 5 or 10 minutes early, sets there butt in the waiting room for a hour or so (11am now), then gets their name called, a assistant weighs them, takes the blood pressure, then the pateint sets in the examination room staring at the walls for another 15 or 20 minutes.

The doctor comes in spends all of 10 minutes with you. Writes a prescription, you pay your co-pay then go to the pharmacy, where you pay again.

10 am appointment, and you get your butt out of the doctors office at about 12.

And thats with a better doctor, the American Family Practice group (where my daughter went) would say 10 am appointment, and they would see you at 12;30 pm.

Why oh why can't they tell you when you will actually be seen?

And don't tell me that the patients between 9 am (when the doctor gets to his office) and 10 am take up so much of his time that he is "running late".