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Some nights (or days) are just like that. Ghosts from the past, houses that are long gone, neighborhoods that no longer exist. But I'm sure I was there. Could have sworn it. Doing remodeling in one of the bedrooms. Seeing my mother, clear as day. The colors of the old hippie beads hanging where the door to the closet should have been. Feeling the coolness of the wood floors.Then, there was one of my favorite coloring books in the corner, the one with the geometric fractal designs (yeah, I was a weird kid), and I thought that as soon as I got time I would do some coloring in it again. Seeing the banana trees out in the backyard just a few feet away from the bayou. And everyone was there, as it should be.

It was all in a dream, of course. I thought I had reached clarity a few months ago about this, with a dream that dad and I were sitting on the opposite side of the bayou and looking at a vast emptiness where the houses stood. And he told me that was all OK, that we would be alright. I woke up thinking that was true, and that I had reached acceptance in my mind. Only, this morning, I could have sworn....and I wake up with these two songs alternating in my head. Why? It's all gone now. But I thought for sure I was there. The music tells me I wasn't. But still....