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Boy, what a day. In a day that was supposed to rain all day, it didn't. Later in the day the rains finally came and the start of the THIRD ROUND barely got started before it got rained out. They were hoping to get at least half of the 3rd round and then finish on Sunday but it is now looking like it may be a Monday finish unless all of the rains stay away on Sunday.

Saturday was a very busy day in the merchandise tent although I did take a break to go and visit with Hall of Fame golfer Raymond Floyd who signed an autographed picture. I got a few moments to chat with him. Very nice gentleman. Chi Chi Rodriguez was there earlier but I missed him. You just never know who you might run into at the US Open. Today I am just a spectator since I have completed my volunteering obligations and I will be roaming the course to see some historic golf.

As has been reported, the continuation of the 3rd round will be at noon Eastern on Sunday. I will make another report when I return from the course. The journey continues......