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I know that everyone has some beverage that relaxes them. Whether it's a scalding cup of black coffee or a cold one at the end of a tough day. For me, it's tea. Not the restaurant Lipton blend. Real hot tea. The kind you pour through a Victorian-style strainer to keep the leaves from getting in your cup. There's just something soothing about a warm cup and saucer resting in your hand while you stir in a teaspoon of sugar. Add a set of knitting needles or a partially finished crocheted afghan in my lap and my night is made.

And here comes the big confession. I love collecting antique tea sets. In fact, I've already picked a few patterns that I plan to expand as the years pass. My favorite and most recent pattern is Royal Albert's Moonlight Rose.

I only have the sugar, salt and pepper and a saucer now, but I plan to get a full set of place settings one day. (Wish me luck.)

And now that I've completely taken this post away from my original point.... What is your favorite relaxer at the end of the day?