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And we all know what that means! MORE FOOD FOR EVERYONE! But what's a Christmas without some spicy apple cider? (Or spiced wine, if you prefer.) Here's some suggestions to make that special spicy mix for your fireside this year.

Most stores will have a mix of mulling spices, if you like the easy way. Then you pour your favorite apple juice (or red wine) into a kettle with the suggested amount of spices from the packaging. Some companies have the spices pre-packaged in a little teabag thingy. This route usually consists of "follow the label."

If you prefer, you can create your own mix. I like to use 1-2 cinnamon sticks and a few cloves (a little can go a long way with these spices). This also makes it easier to keep them out of  your cup, rather than getting mulling spice dregs. Toss these in the kettle with your favorite apple juice and heat until the kettle sings. And there you have it! A wonderful holiday drink for you and your family!

How do you like your cider?

P.S. Thanks to Becky for my new pizza cookbook! Stay tuned for a delicious recipe from my awesome new cookbook!