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Here's a little something I took and permutated a bit. I love a good banana pudding, but every now and then it's fun to add a little twist to an old staple. For example:

2 small boxes of Jello vanilla pudding mix (along with everything listed on the box to make pudding)
2 ripe bananas
box of Nilla waffers
cool whip (or whipped cream, if  you want to go all out)
Oreos and mini Oreos
mixing bowl
small bowl and fork
mixing spatula and whisk
sturdy ziploc bag
rolling pin

Follow the box instructions and mix up your pudding in the mixing bowl. Then put your ripe bananas into the small bowl and mash them up with a fork. The mashing goes a bit easier and faster if the bananas are broken into sections at the start.

Once you've mashed them, add the bananas to the pudding and mix it in with the spatula (or "spoonula," as Rachel Ray says). You can also take a banana and cut it into slices to mix in, if you like.

Take the bowl you plan to use for the presentation and line the bottom and sides with the waffers. This gives the pudding a simple "crust."

Pour the pudding mix into the presentation bowl. Then put a layer of cool whip over it. The thickness of the layer depends on how much you want.

The final touch (and my personal twist) is to put about 5 or 6 Oreos in the ziploc bag and crush them with the rolling pin. Sprinkle the crumbs on top of the cool whip. Then add the mini Oreos randomly or in a pattern for a little extra presentation. Put it in the fridge and you have a great dessert ready for any occasion.

What's your favorite dessert?