Ah, Thanksgiving! Time for feasting and stuffing yourself to your heart's content. Somehow I'm going to get 3 feast this year. I had one with my parents on Tuesday (my day off). Then my cousin is having her family meal for lunch. Then we planned our own little feast at the Advocate for the editorial staff. YUM!

Unfortunately, I don't have a huge recipe for anyone tonight. It's more breakfast food today. And one of my favorites!

Onion and Cheese Omlet:

2 eggs
Pam spray
Omlet pan
Chopped onions (personal preference on kind and amount)

My favorite way to start this is with a light spray on the pan and then caramalize the onions. It takes away most of the bite and brings out the sweeter flavor. Especially with Texas sweet onions or Vidalias. While you're waiting for the onions, it's a good idea to go ahead and scramble the eggs. It saves you a bit of time.

Once the onions are caramalized to your tastes, give the pan one quick spritz to make sure the eggs won't stick. Then pour the eggs into the pan with the heat at a medium to low setting.

When the eggs are cooking, keep gently rotating/tilting the pan to make sure you get as much cooked as possible. The less the chance of a spill, the better. Then you can either get a spatula (like I do) and gently flip it to the other side, or you can be bold (and possibly messy) and do the fancy air flip. I usually save that one for after the first.

Once the omlet's cooked to your liking, sprinkle a bit of cheddar (or American, if you prefer) on the top. Then gently slip it from the pan to a plate. And there you have it! A nice and simple onion and cheese omlet!