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Ever have a day when you just want to poop-out a bit and fix something that doesn't require a mountain of effort? I've found that it helps to take a night off once a week or so. This is my family's solution: Family Movie Night.

The first things to prepare are fruit slices. My family typically uses apples and pears with the occasional strawberry and blackberry. Then get your favorite popcorn. I prefer kettle corn, but everyone else in my family uses the standard buttered. A cheese tray is nice as well. We tend to use either the standard cheddar, swiss and colby jack. Every now and then we'll get something rarer like Havarti or Gouda.

Choice of drink is purely personal preference. I like to enjoy a small glass of Llano Selection Blush or Sweet Red wine. The Sweet Red is especially good with a combo bite of kettle corn and Havarti cheese. But popcorn is also good with hot tea, coffee, your favorite soda or whatever else you would like. This is one of the most versatile and easy meals I know of.  So pick a great movie and snuggle up!