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One of the most common meals in the American household is leftovers. Or at least it should be. I hate the idea of wasting good food.

While most tend to dread leftover night, I think it's a great chance to take an old favorite and make it into something new.

Recently, I took the last of my favorite venison sausage and grilled it with some barbeque sauce. It made a fantastic meal, but left quite a bit of leftovers.

I also had some sliced sweet onion and a potato that I had cut into small cubes. Time to get creative.

First, I sprayed a skillet with some butter spray. Then I chopped up the onion into chunks and sliced the sausage into chunks. I threw all of that together with the potato cubes and put the burner on a medium heat. (Make sure to stir it around every now and then so it doesn't burn.)

I also pulled out an egg and fried it with a sprinkle of Cajun spice.

It turned out to be a fantastic meal. Who cares if it was breakfast for dinner? Still tastes great to me!

What's your favorite leftover creation?

P.S. Cute pic of the day shows what the working world would be like if cats ruled all.