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I was playing around with some fridge contents the other day and had a stroke of genius (or so I'd like to think). I had three chicken breasts, some jalapeno jelly and a bit of blush wine. Sooo....

Sweet Jalapeno Chicken (a.k.a. Blushing Spice Chicken or some other creative name someone could come up with)

First I trimmed the fat off the chicken breasts and mixed up the sauce. I took a tablespoon of jelly for each chicken breast and poured just enough blush with it to let everything dissolve. I used a whisk to help it along.

I put the chicken on a plate and poured about half the sauce over it. Then I let it stand and soak in the flavor for about 10 minutes while I started preparing my green beans and potatoes recipe for a side.

Then I put it on my little George Foreman grill and let it cook. After about five minutes (the grill cooks fast), I poured what was left of the sauce over the chicken.

It came out nice and tender with the flavor soaked in very well. I also tried this with a piece of salmon with water instead of the blush. That worked out well, too. But the blush did add a nice twist to the flavor.

The original plan was to film the cooking process, but things didn't pan out due to scheduling conflicts. Ah, well. We'll have to try again sometime.

For now, enjoy the cute picture of the day. It makes me think of the movie Two Brothers. So sweet!