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That's right! I had Diana over for lunch the other day, and we decided to film the cooking process for everyone to see! We kept it simple since it was a first time for both of us. You can probably tell that our filming style has a lot of development to do.

This is also my first time playing around with Windows Movie Maker, so I'm sure there's lots of development in the editing area as well. I hope to eventually have at least one new video a week. But for now, enjoy the turkey taco with guacamole recipe!

I prefer extra lean white meat ground turkey, but any ground meat will do.
Salsa used is Hell on the Red brand.
Full instructions for seasoning meat can be found on the package.

Turkey Tacos:
First, cook the ground turkey on medium heat. Make sure it's completely cooked before adding the spices.

Mix the spices in 3/4 cup of water (or whatever it says on the package) and then pour over the cooked meat. Turn the heat down to let it simmer and stir the meat around so everything has a chance to mix well. Simmer for about 5 minutes. Serve up with flour tortillas or taco shells, whichever you prefer.

Mash 1 or 2 avacados. (How many depends on how much you need. One will usually feed at least 2-4, depending on how hungry they are.)

Stir in 2 or more spoonfulls of your favorite salsa. My family has used the same brand for years, but it's really a matter of taste. Use a spicy salsa if you like some heat and a mild salsa if you just want the flavor.

Add a shake or two of Lawry's seasoning salt or regular salt, depending on how spicy/salty you want the guacamole.

Everything with the guacamole is how you enjoy the taste. There is no set formula.

How do you like your tacos?