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Yes, Yumminess. I like to make a new word every now and then. It makes me feel important. Like Colbert and his "truthiness," which is now officially in the dictionary, btw.

I cooked up my tilapia on Tuesday, and it tasted wonderful. I've decided that George Foreman, or whoever came-up with this indoor grill, must have been inspired by God. Here's what I did.

First I used a bit of butter flavored Crisco spray to moisten the fish. (I'm doing the Meltdown competition, so I can't use real butter.) Then I took some chopped garlic and rubbed it onto both sides of the fillet. I like to use the garlic from a jar. Call me lazy, but I don't want my small space of an apartment stinking-up when I cut fresh garlic.

The final touch was a sprinkle of basil on the top and to put it on the grill. I also boiled some brown rice to eat it with. Everything came out quite delicious. Especially with a pot of vanilla chai tea.

What do you like with your tilapia?

P.S. Cute photo of the day is courtesy of Rebecca Holm of "All Creatures Great and Small"