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I decided to try my hand at a chicken salad earlier this week. I wanted to give it a salsa flavor, but I also wanted to keep it low fat so I could serve it to my Meltdown team. So here was my solution:

First I took three boneless chicken breasts and rubbed some Hell on the Red salsa on them and put them on the grill. While those were cooking, I mixed a pre-packaged salad bag from H.E.B. with some baby spinach and drained black beans. I also threw in a handfull of chopped green onions. Then I tossed it all together.

When the chicken was done I sliced it into bite-sized chunks and put it on top of the salad. I took it into work and everyone seemed to like it. I had two choices of salsa, as well as a fat-free ranch dressing to pour on top.

How do you like your salad?

P.S. Cute picture of the day is from Wallace and Gromit's "The Wrong Trousers." Maybe it's not so much cute as it is funny.