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Once again, I decided to experiment with my grill on my day off. So this time I got some Gulf shrimp (no Thailand/China thermometer shrimp for me!) and went for a cajun meal. Shelling the shrimp wasn't my favorite thing to do, but it was worth it!

First I sprayed the shrimp with some olive oil (Thanks for the tip, Rebecca!) and sprinkled some cajun spice on it. I also sliced up an onion and put it on the grill next to the shrimp. (Note: I have a George Foreman grill, so I didn't have to worry about it falling through the grates. If you have an outdoor grill, you can buy a small cooking tray for smaller things, such as shrimp and onions.) I also cooked up some black-eyed peas with jalapeno. Then I combined it all in a flour tortilla bought fresh from H.E.B.

I also found some bamboo skewers at H.E.B. that I'm planning to use to make some kabobs another day.

How do you like your wraps?

P.S. Cute picture of the day reminds me of my kitty when he's not running around like mad or messing with things he's not supposed to.