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I've always believed that food is something that brings people together. Every family has certain dishes that are unique, and every holiday is marked with it's own special recipe.

For example, Thanksgiving always has a turkey involved. Christmas usually involves a spiral-cut honey ham in my family. And for Easter, our family's lamb cake.

This is a tradition that always gets some funny looks from my friends and co-workers. A few years ago, my mother found a cake mold shaped like a lamb. The cake started out as chocolate with white frosting. We used chocolate chips for the eyes and nose and set it on a bed of shredded coconut dyed green (I usually ate the head because I don't like coconut).

Then one year everything changed. I decided I wanted to have a red velvet cake for Easter. My mother still wanted to use her lamb mold. We didn't think anything of it at first. At least not until we had it all mixed together.... (Steel Magnolias, anyone?)

So.... the cake that year was renamed the "Sacrificial Lamb" cake. My mom insisted on putting it on the coconut, so I at the head again. And, for whatever reason, the tradition stuck. We changed the frosting to a white cream cheese frosting, because it just tastes better with red velvet cake.

And now that I have thoroughly grossed all of my readers out for the holiday, what is your favorite Easter/Resurrection Day tradition?

P.S. He is risen!