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Today there were only two people at our little creative writing group: Allison Miles and myself. While this was a little disappointing at first, it did give us some time to share some of our other creative exploits we've been developing over the years. I told her a very basic, condensed plot for a trilogy of action/sci-fi novels I've been neglecting for the past few years. She gave me a glimpse into a concept she has for a mystery novel. This is getting me excited about writing again. I think it's time to start flexing my writing muscles again!

This week, our prompt was the starting sentence of our stories, and it took a bit of a more depressing turn this week: "Nightmares don't always happen when you're sleeping."

Allison took an approach reminiscent of the recent Independence Day festivities. She wrote the story of a child traumatized by seeing his/her little sister get her leg burned by a fire started by an ember from a fireworks display.

My story was a tale of human trafficking somewhat inspired by "The Help." I told the tale of a maid being sold to a new household after being falsely accused of theft by her master's daughter.

I hope there will be more people able to come next week. But that's the nature of journalism. Sometimes there are no concrete hours, so it's hard to make social plans. But I'm looking forward to seeing what we will come up with next week.