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I’ve dabbled in creative writing for a few years now. Well, maybe a bit longer than a few. When I was in elementary school, we had the chance to write our own little books. I wrote a Native-American style story about why the eagle eats meat. It doesn’t make much sense when I read it now, but that started something for me.

A few weeks ago, reporter Melissa Crowe and I were discussing how much we love to write fiction in our spare time. From that discussion came the idea to form a kind of informal writing group. So we emailed some of our coworkers and friends and set it up.

Thursday was our second meeting so far. Five of us sat around a table and pulled a prompt from Melissa’s purple prompt bucket. Our prompt? “A garden scarecrow quietly surveys its surroundings.” Then we let our imaginations take over. We wrote for 12 minutes, then sat back and shared our work. Here is a quick summary of what our quirky, creative minds came up with:

The adorable Allison Miles served up a story from the Wizard of Oz with a twist. She told the story of what the scarecrow (aka Joe, if anyone had bothered to ask) would have felt had Dorothy and Toto continued on while leaving him behind in that field. She says she may expand it to give Joe a chance for revenge on Dorothy.

The delightful Dianna Wray gave us a cute tale about a scarecrow watching a field at night. After feeling certain he is being watched, he sees a rabbit jump out of the field. The scarecrow then lets himself down off his pole and walks away without seeing the child watching from behind.

The jovial J.R. Ortega related the sad tale of a scarecrow alone in a wheat field in the middle of summer. The scarecrow feels useless and deserted, not realizing the hay from his body is being used by birds to create homes for their families.

The melodious Melissa Crowe painted a verbal picture of a luscious vegetable garden, complete with a wizened old woman who lovingly cares for the plants wearing her well-worn lavender gardening gloves.

My story focused on a scarecrow, with some stitching problems, named Elliot. Elliot spends the day in the company of a garden gnome named Nelson, a flock of pink flamingoes and a little yellow butterfly.

We had a wonderful, relaxing time letting our brains create and sharing our inspiration with each other. If you are interested in sharing your creative writing abilities, come join us on Thursdays at noon in the Frank Tilley conference room of the Victoria Advocate. We only take about 30-40 minutes, so come by and write with us. We look forward to seeing you there.