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The elections are almost over! After months of listening to candidates debate, point fingers, misquoting and bending facts in their favor, we're almost done. But even while Obama and Romney settle in for the home stretch, some things are still business-as-usual here in Victoria.

So on Wednesday, we'll have another editorial board meeting. But this week, we won't have to decide on nearly as many editorials because we're still running candidate profiles. So this time, we only need editorials for Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday. We will also be joined by George Matthews, Victoria County elections administrator, who will be giving us an overview of voter turnout so far.

As always, our meeting begins on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Victoria Advocate's Internet Cafe area. We'll discuss some of the recent headlines, as well as some upcoming events. Feel free to stop by in person or log on and watch the meeting online. Let us know you're watching in our online chat box. We look forward to hearing from or seeing you.

This week's headlines:

· Officers tase, get tased in annual training

· County renews trapper contract

· Victoria earns 'exceptional merit' honor as pretty painted place

· Low staffing in Victoria air traffic control worries employees

· Convicted killer found dead with girlfriend

· Football team helps water boy have 'best day ever'

· Victoria mom challenges library's porn policy