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Hello, readers. We had another good Editorial Board meeting this Wednesday, including an enlightening discussion with Victoria Police Chief JJ Craig and Sgt. Eline Moya. We have our editorials planned for the week. Take a look at what's coming up. We'd like to get your opinion on these topics. Feel free to comment below or send your thoughts to We'll see you next week.

Friday: Voter Registration – Encourage residents to register and vote. Also promote upcoming debates and election central info.

Saturday: Thumbs

Sunday: Police no longer responding to minor accidents – Chief Craig's statements cleared this up a bit and we understand residents will be concerned, but we also know the department is shorthanded and there are more immediate concerns than dealing with small fender benders. Encourage community to give new system a try and encourage department to continue evaluating experimental system. If it isn't working, it needs to change. Applaud chief for having courage to make changes to better serve community, even when faced with resistance and criticism.

Monday: Wire editorial on legislative session, preferably education or vouchers

Tuesday: Trapping pets – There is a stray pet problem in Victoria. Encourage people to be responsible pet owners, but also good neighbors.

Wednesday: Tax deadline approaching – The process of filing taxes is far too complicated and should be simplified. If we have a simpler tax system, that could help save money in the government, as well as save time when citizens have to file.

Thursday: Food Bank grant – Encourage people to support food bank's efforts to get grant. Look at how much food can be bought with funds and how many people that could help.