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We've got some good editorial topics coming up this week and we want to know what you think. Take a look at our schedule below and leave a comment telling us your opinion on these topics or send us a letter by emailing

Friday: Stop sign at Salem and Frontage Road on loop – Several residents have already expressed concerns about this stop. Typically, a stop sign is placed on the intersecting road instead of the Frontage Road. In this case, it is reversed. Encourage TxDOT to re-examine intersection and consider 4-way stop or switching placement of signs.

Saturday: Thumbs

Sunday: City of Victoria's debt – Debt is a popular buzzword in today's political climate, but sometimes it is necessary, especially when running a city. This is not the national government, which is using debt to fill everyday needs that should be covered by a budget. These are specific projects that are given a specific payment schedule. Victoria has a healthy amount of debt and each project was a necessary upgrade or repair for the city's infrastructure. Encourage people to know the difference and not equate our local situation with the out-of-control debt situation in Washington.

Monday: Wire edit on West explosion, statewide texting ban or gambling proposal

Tuesday: Iraq/Afghanistan war monument – Approve of and applaud plan to create monument to honor veterans of recent wars. We don't have to wait decades to honor those who have served our country. We should honor them while they are still around to receive it.

Wednesday: GenTX day – Encourage Crossroads to take part and wear college T-shirts to promote importance of furthering education. Students need to be ready for college or career training by the time they graduate from high school.

Thursday: Cuero school lunches – Applaud schools for their efforts to offer truly nutricious lunches to students. Encourage other schools to pursue better nutrition options. The courts may say sauce on a slice of pizza counts as a vegetable serving, but that doesn't mean it is nutricious. Encourage schools to turn to experts, not just take the easy way out provided by the courts.