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Hello, Advocate readers. We have an intense, informative talk with Victoria Airport Manager Jason Milewski at our editorial board meeting Wednesday. He gave us a ton of information that will help with our Sunday editorial. Below is our schedule for the coming week. Please feel free to comment below and share your opinion on these topics or send us a letter either through the mail or by emailing

Friday: Applaud Val Huvar for his long service to Victoria County and community.

Saturday: Thumbs

Sunday: Another look at loss of federal funding for control tower now that the decision is definite. FAA's decision to make this cut seems to be one that encourages outcry instead of making reasonable cuts to fix a problem. Same savings could be accomplished by switching federally funded control towers to federal contract towers, which run on a quarter of cost. Funding for towers comes from user fees, not general tax funds, so decision to cut here seems counterproductive and misdirected. Closing tower would result in loss of traffic, which can have a major impact on our economy, including limiting how much fuel is sold, which private planes can land at our airport and other traffic. Traffic has almost doubled since tower first opened and 90 percent of those who come to Victoria do so for business purposes. Encourage county to find solution, but realize anything done now is probably temporary. Ideal solution would be a mix of local, state and federal investment so don't rely on any one source to stay operational.

Monday: Wire edit on public notices or other legislative issue

Tuesday: Look at controlled burning. Encourage those who plan to burn to notify public through media to prevent panic or unnecessary calls to emergency services. Would be nice service for those with respiratory problems to encourage them to stay inside.

Wednesday: Editorial on police policy of not responding to minor accidents. Might need more discussion based on what Caty finds out in her story.

Thursday: Encourage residents to attend and support "Raise Your Hands Texas" event to support school funding.