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-Affairs -Babies born to Unwed Mothers -Violence-The N-Word

We are told out whole lives these things are not ok and they should not be praised, yet we accept them with little to no consequence. What would happen if we just said NO it's NOT ok?

It's not ok for fifteen year olds to be parents It's not ok to have multiple children outside marriage (one is enough to learn a lesson)

It's not ok that you cheated on your significant other It's not ok to be the other woman or the other man

It's not ok to fight. It's not ok to be in a gang.

It's not ok to use the N-Word regardless of your race. -If you don't want other people using it...don't say it yourself.

As long as society and the media say these things are ok, they will continue. What a sad world we will be living in and what a horrible place to grow up.