Blogs » Venting through Silence » Cover your mouth and wash that hand!


As a deterant to swine flu, it's being recommended that people cover their mouths if they cough or sneeze. Well, flu or no flu, I think people should do that anyway. And by the way, if you are someone who diligently covers their mouth while coughing or sneezing, do you wash your hands after you've done so? I have seen way too many people cough, sneeze, run the back of their hand across their runny nose, and go about their business to believe that the thought of a pandemic would change their habits.

A couple of weeks ago I was eating at a local restaurant in Victoria when I saw a waitress cough into her hand just before she used that same hand to pick up a plate of food and give it to a customer. Can't help but wonder what else she gave the customer. No, I won't tell you which restaurant because I think this happens in all of them, but I don't usually get to see it. Point is that Victoria seems to be immune to calamity, thank goodness, but I think we should all try to be careful anyway. Now go wash your hands -- who knows what's lurking on that keyboard! ;)