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November was a very busy month. Our Holiday Market day and kick off for our Bazaar was a big success with almost all of our booths filled. The art league had made over $1200 by the end of the day with booth rentals and sales. All of the venders either said they would or might be back next year. It takes a lot of people and effort to do something like this so I want to thank everyone who helped to make this a success. I will continue to encourage all members to “step up to the plate” when you see we have an activity coming up. “Many hands make work light” I was always told. On that note, remember that our Christmas Bazaar is still going on so I encourage everybody that has a talent to create to continue to make items to sell and bring them as soon as you can. We will continue with the Bazaar until the gallery closes the 22nd.

Dalhart Windberg gave us a great demonstration in oil painting with his son Michael adding lots of technical information for our November Sunday meeting. The gallery was pretty full with many guests attending. The next day there was a super article in the advocate and Dalhart started his three day workshop, which from seeing some of the paintings people were painting, was very successful.

Our Christmas party and supper is December 11 at 6:00 in the gallery. Read the information on this on page two and I look forward to seeing you there. Michelle Evans is offering a children’s Santa’s Workshop the 19th and 20th but that is all that is being offered besides the ongoing classes of Michelle and Sonny. Next month Angie Banta Brown from New Braunfels will be here to teach a watercolor workshop January 9th-11th and will present a demonstration on watercolor at our meeting on the 8th. Jim Feig will offer a beginning photography class on Tuesdays and I will be offering beginning and advanced pottery classes on Tuesday and Thursday later in the month. Michelle will be starting a new children’s pottery class on Wednesdays so check the newsletter for details on all of these offerings. You will see in this newsletter that we are planning an old fashioned box supper for some time in February as a fundraiser. I want you to be aware of this now as this will be another opportunity to get involved as this is something that any of us could do. We have much to look forward to start off next year. I do wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday.