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Over the weekend I saw the first political signs of the fall election season appear near prime intersections. They are an indication that the local campaigns are gearing up for the big election. Come November the Presidential Election will use unprecedented amounts of advertising on television, through the mail, over the phone and in newspapers and magazines. They are already using the Internet in inventive ways. Local candidates are getting in the game early by staking out key sign locations about town.

It used to be local candidates would wait until after Labor Day. Then a few years ago someone started putting their signs up during the Labor Day Weekend. Soon the signs were getting placed a couple of weeks before the holiday and now they are coming out more than a month before.

There is nothing wrong with the placement of the signs at this time. In fact guidelines for signage usually stipulate the signs be in place no longer than 90 days. Guess what? We are less than 90 days to the election.

Now before someone gets antsy to comment, I have seen the signs left over from the Primaries/Runoff and May/June Elections. I think they are just as much an eyesore as anyone else. The soon fade in our Texas sun to the point where the candidate may not be identifiable. Luckily for some candidates there have not been any major hurricanes through our area to give Mother Nature’s assistance in distribution of campaign materials. If nothing else, Mother Nature gives the same help to all candidates.

What the signs really portend is the approaching election and it will soon be the time to make your selections for public office. There a many things on the ballot besides the presidential/vice-presidential race. Federal offices include US Senator and US Representative. State offices include Railroad Commissioner, Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals Justices, Board of Education, State Representative, District Appeals Court Judges and District Judges. Locally the Sheriff and Tax Assessor Collector as well as Commissioner Precinct Nos. 1 & 3 as well as all four Constables will be on the ballot.

In addition Bloomington School District will have three trustees as well as a bond election on their ballot. Nursery School District will have two trustees. Meyersville School District will have three trustees and Quail Creek MUD will have a proposition on the ballot.

There will be lots of choices. Its not too late to start learning about your candidates now because the election is getting closer every day.