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The last day to register to vote for the 2008 Presidential Election is Monday, October 6, 2008. While that seems a long way off it is actually less than 45 days and there are too many distractions to wait until the last minute. To vote in this election you must be registered and your registration must reflect your current residency.

I’ve been told that almost 10% of the populace moves in a year’s time. When the Elections Office mails voter registration cards every two years at least 10% are returned as undeliverable. This is because the cards may not be forwarded to a new address. Your registration is tied to a physical address. If you no longer reside at the registered address you may not be allowed to vote in this election.

Check your voter registration status now. Locate your current voter registration card. It should be orange. Check the residence address on the card. It should be your home address or place of residency. If the current residence is different from your voter registration address, two problems present themselves.

First, you may not be able to vote for the proper candidates on the ballot. If you have moved from one county to another county you will not be allowed to vote in the new county or the old county. If you moved across the same county you may not have the same offices on the ballot. Your new residence could have a different county commissioner or constable.

Second, if you moved within the county you will be required to return to your old precinct polling location. This could have you driving to your old neighborhood. You might also end up driving across town trying to beat the closing of the polls.

Take the time now to check your registration status. It could save you lots of time and anguish come Election Day.