Two thousand eight has been a great year for voting. The primary turnout of 30% meant more people were not only interested in the outcome but actually came to the polling place. A turnout like this has not happened in the last 25 years. The parties were overwhelmed with the participation of the electorate. It wasn’t something which couldn’t be handled but it was something which needed time and effort to sort out the details.

In May there was a tie. I know I keep harping on this but it doesn’t happen often enough not to make note of it when it does. Voters were interested in who would represent them on the school board. Normally this is a low turnout election but this time there was lots of interest.

Next we held the special election to resolve the tie. More voters came to vote in the special election than came to vote in the first election. They understood exactly how important it is to vote.

I wish we could get everyone who came to vote in March, April, May and June to talk with their friends and co-workers. I would ask them to explain why it was important for them to participate. I would ask them to tell everyone that selecting a candidate and then supporting that candidate with a vote is the responsible act of a good citizen. I would ask them to encourage the people they meet to select candidates to support and then go to the polls in November and act to support their choices.