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During the recent primary we had an outstanding turnout. Our final total vote was near 30% of the registered voters in Victoria County. This is nearly double what has been the norm for the primaries of the last 20 years. I know I have never seen such a good turnout in the primary. Quite the contrary, primary turnout has been declining in recent years.

When we start planning for an election we research past elections of the same type and begining to estimate the number of voters who will participate. We then plan for a few more voters just to allow for a a modest increase. Our normal turnout for May elections is less than 15% and a good year is one where we get 10%.

So far we are not going to nearly double the election turnout for the May Joint Election. Early Voting in Person is open only seven days instead of eleven for the primary. We have seen less than 200 voters in the first three days.

This election is important because all the political subdivisions who are part of the joint election provide important and essential services to their community.

Victoria ISD is the largest taxing entity in the county. Two positions are open on the board. The responsibility for the education of the children in and around Victoria falls upon the shoulders of this board.

Victoria College attracts students from Victoria and the surrounding communities and provides an entry to college level courses currently not available from any nearby institution. Its continued presence in preparing individuals for the local work force is critical component to the progress of the community.

Quail Creek MUD, Water Control & Improvement Districts No. 1 & 2 all provide water and sewer services to their respective communities. The importance of a healthy and continuing flow of water is something we take too much for granted. These directors oversee the operations and continued acceptability of our water.

Drainage Districts No. 2 & 3 reduce flooding in our area. When it rains the water must go somewhere. Eventually one of these two districts will have to find a place for most of that water to go.