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People sometimes complain that we have too many elections. This year alone we have voted a Primary in March, a Runoff in April and now the Joint School & Water Election in May. That's one a month for the last three months. As elections go that seems a lot but we still have the Presidential Election in November. It should be a really big election with the best turnout in years.

The Elections Office has prepared voting equipment and supplies for registered voters of this county to go to the polls on Saturday.  Our early voting turnout was somewhat of a disappointment after the wonderful turnout of the primary. The runoff turnout was also a disappointment with only 1 in 40 people casting a ballot.

Making your voice heard is what elections are all about. Our local governments are representative democracy. They operate with officials who are elected by their constituents. Your support of a candidate is an affirmation they will conduct the affairs of the political subdivisions in a proper manner. Your candidate selection is the opportunity to place someone on the board who agrees with your point of view.

When you don't vote you are surrendering your voice to those select few people who participate in the election process. Its not so much a protest against the system as allowing others to decide.

We all know when we don't use our muscles they begin to atrophy. So it is much the same with the voting process. When you sit at home on Election Day your ability to influence the outcome of the election is nil. The people who then represent you may not share the same viewpoint and will not guide the political subdivision down the path you would have chosen.

Make sure you go out and vote in every election so your voting skills don't waste away.