Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Voter Turnout Lower than Expected


The Election of November 4, 2008 will have lots of historical records to list and in Victoria there are some additional noteworthy firsts.

This election is the first major election in the county when the number of people who voted during early voting exceeded the number of people voting on Election Day. There has been a continuing trend over the last ten to fifteen years for the number who vote during early voting to be a greater part of the total vote. It has risen from being less than 20% of the vote to being almost half in the 2004 General Election. In this most recent election 60% voted during early voting.

The early voting total is made up of people who vote in person and people who vote by mail. We had the largest mail in request ever and over 93% of the ballots mailed were returned by Election Day.

Basing our projections on past history I anticipated at least an equal number of voters for Election Day as voted during early voting. This would have given us more than 36,000 voters. But less than 12,000 came to the polls on November 4th giving us a total number of 30,163 voters in this election or 56%.

Still that is better than four years ago when 29,000 vote and 54% turnout.

Thank you to all who participated in this election. I believe you will be to talk about your having been there for years to come.