For as long as we have been holding elections there have been rumors. The Internet only serves as an efficient tool to spread the rumors further and faster.

Maybe you remember the old grade school game were someone whispers a story to the classmate behind them. The story has to travel around the room from one person to the next until the last person in the room must stand up and relate the story to the class. If you have a bunch of good kids who all have perfect hearing and can remember every word spoken to repeat it seconds later and the class is extremely small, you might have the same story at the end. Life is not like that and neither are rumors.

You must first contend with the fact that not everyone listens well and they will hear only a portion of the original. Then they may not remember the whole story and must make up for what they cannot remember or didn't hear in the first place. Then the story can only be mangled when it reaches the last person.

Now think about the guy in the middle who would rather create a new story because it sounds better than the original. Maybe he or she wants to get the last person in trouble for saying something bad. Now you will never get the original information but the story inserted in the telling which starts off as fiction.

Rumors are nothing better than the passing of mis-information from one person to the next. On the Internet the stories will be changed to fit non-facts and un-truths (read this as lies).

So please be very careful of accepting the rumors you hear, especially when they are spread with malicious intent.