Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Hurry Up and Wait, but Only a Little


Voting in the General Election is better than expected. People are turning out in record numbers across the state and in Victoria. We are keeping pace with the statewide average although a little behind in overall percentages.
Those who voted during early voting found something they had not experienced before, a line of people waiting to vote. It’s been accepted that you vote early to avoid the long lines on Election Day. Yet there before their eyes were people in a line where you did not have a line before.
Voting is so important that most people braved the wait. I’ve heard that in other places the lines have been so long that people had to wait more than an hour. In Victoria we have been working very hard to keep any wait at less than twenty-five minutes and many people vote in less than fifteen.
Still there are those who glanced at the waiting voters, understood there would be a wait and decided to try it another time. Certainly every person’s time is valuable but I think they should consider voting worth the wait. I try to encourage anyone who has gotten to the polling place to stay and vote.
The turnout this year is not unexpected but it is certainly greater than years past. We have had elections where 72% of those registered voted but these are the exceptions and come only once every twenty years. This year may be the one in twenty because the Secretary of State is predicting a 70% state-wide turnout. I’m leaning more of between 60% and 65% for Victoria. Please try to prove my prediction too low.
I hope you vote in this election. It promises to be an historical event and your participation would make it greater.