• GrannyJo, just so we're clear: I was very happy that I got to vote. Thus the reason I said my experience was ALMOST unpleasant. And, just so you know, I do print clearly when filling out forms. It just so happens that my first name has 2 capital letters in it and that some people [such as whoever entered my voter registration info in the computer system] think that means there's a space in there. I always, always, always, ALWAYS make sure that my name is clear, oftentimes printing in all caps so that my "i" doesn't get mistaken for an "l" or vice versa. Thank my parents for giving me a name more complicated than Richard or Susan, I guess. :) So yes, this was someone else's mistake. I didn't put a space in my name, someone else did. I didn't make my early voting experience difficult, someone else did when they decided to spell my name incorrectly. How is that my fault?
    I went home and [finally] found my registration card and there's no space on what was sent to me in the mail, so how in the world was I to know that it would be different in the computer system? I don't expect anyone to be a mindreader and realized long ago that if I wanted my name to be spelled correctly, I would have to make sure that I printed so neatly there was no room for misintepretation. The funny thing is, the same thing happens with my daughter's name, which is short and simple. I mean, how do you mess up Deja? But we get DeJa or De Ja or -- my personal favorite -- De Juh, which was actually printed on a certificate she received from a camp that had previously spelled her name correctly. If people would take an extra second or two to look at the name, mistakes like these could be avoided. Even when I come across names such as John or Mary, I always double check them. Why shouldn't I expect the same of everyone else?
    And as for those who did not register, there's no excuse for that. There were all sorts of reminders to get registered.

    November 3, 2008 at 9:19 a.m.

  • Oh, if only this was a perfect world where people would write legibly! Some people think that others are mind readers. When completing forms, they sometimes don't know what their names are. Sometimes they are Richard, other times they are Rick, Ricky and sometimes even Dick. Sometimes they are Susan, Susie, or Sue.  When it comes to addresses, well that's another matter.  Lots of people live on Main Street, the thing is almost every surrounding town has a Main Street, but then every data entry person should be a mind reader and know which city they live in, right? They should also know whether they live on Main St, Main Rd, Main Ave, Main Ct, Main Cir, etc., and don't get me started on hyphenated names.  The thing is you did get to vote. Some people did not register by the deadline and aren't able to exercise that right, but of course, that too will be someone else's fault!

    October 31, 2008 at 3:20 p.m.

  • I was an early voter but my experience was almost unpleasant. I've recently moved and my voter registration card is buried in a box. I looked for it for about 3 hours before I gave up. I knew I could vote using my driver's license so I go to the elections office and explain my dilemma. The lady looks my name up in her computer and tells me I'm not listed as a registered voter. Insanity! I voted in the primary, so I know I'm registered. I spell my name for her again and again and still nothing. I'm getting frustrated, she's getting frustrated. She finally looks me up by my DOB and boom! There I am. Why wasn't she able to find it by looking under my name? Cause some genius put an unnecessary space in my first name. Why? Who knows? There's no space on my license or Social Security card or birth certificate or voter registration card or any other legal document. When I write and sign my name, I don't put a space. So where or where did this mysterious space come from? Your guess is as good as mine. But this stupid space almost kept me from voting. And that angers me.
    Yes, I was eventually able to vote. Yes, I filled out a change of address card. And yes, it is my fault that I did not bring my VRC. I understand that and will make sure I have it the next time I vote believe me! But I still maintain that my voting experience could've been a lot simpler had it not been for one stupid, unnecessary space.

    October 31, 2008 at 11:17 a.m.