I suspect that only one in twelve of you have any interest in the outcome of yesterday's election. There may be even less who understood all the amendments on the ballot. I read through the pamphlet provided by the League of Women Voters and also paged through a booklet created by the Texas Legislative Council. Even after I made my choices there were some issues where I could have been persuaded to change my vote given a good enough reason.

The turnout of 8.5% surprised me. I thought it might be as low as 6.5%. The extra people who came in late in some precincts had to stand in line and that may be an unusual experience from voting yesterday because in most precincts the few voters trickled in over the whole day.

I hear on the news and read in the paper the dissatisfaction people have with government. As a government employee it strikes a little to close to be totally immune to the criticisms leveled by residents. Yesterday was a good opportunity to change how things work but very few people turned out. Those that did understand voting gives a personal voice to government.

Some people may have good reasons for not voting, a death in the family or a serious recent injury or illness. But most of you only have poor excuses like; "I didn't have time", "It was too far", "I don't know where to vote", "I don't know how". There are some who also believe they are showing their independence by not voting. I consider that a little like the kid who takes his football from the play ground because he doesn't like who is winning the game. He only hurts himself and he is the one sitting at home alone.