for the November 3, 2009 Constitutional Amendment Election will begin on Monday, October 19th. The Main Early Voting Polling location in Victoria County will open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays through the end of the month. On Thursday, October 29th and Friday, October 30th the office will be open from 7 am to 7 pm. The office is located at 111 N. Glass in downtown Victoria.

Texas is a leader in absentee voting. For many years voters could cast an absentee ballot at the courthouse if they were going to be out of town. But the time period to vote absentee was fairly short and you had to swear you were going to be out of town. Then Texas created extended voting and increased the number of days a person could go to the courthouse to vote. You were still promising you would be away but it was easier to find the time. Now we have early voting of which there are two main forms, early voting by mail and early voting in person.

Early voting by mail is still somewhat limited to a select group of people who qualify but early voting in person is open to every registered voter in the county. The good thing is you no longer need to promise you will be “absent” on election day. Even if you will be in town come the day of the election, you can still vote during early voting.

Early voting in person has another advantage over election day voting. A voter from any part of the county may vote at the early voting polling location. Currently if you wait until election day you may vote only in your election precinct polling location. Your work place or the errands you run during the day may not be close to home and it might take more time than you have available to travel across town.

Two weeks prior to the election the main early voting polling place opens for voters from all over the county. Regular business hours are followed but we always allow a couple of days where the office is open at least 12 hours.

For more information about early voting in person contact the Elections Office at 576-0124 or by e-mailing