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Texas conducts an election every November. You all know about the Presidential Election held in leap years. You know a little less about the Gubernatorial Election held in the intervening even-numbered years. It seems though very few people know about the election we hold every odd-numbered year to decide changes to the Texas Constitution.

Unlike the United States Constitution, which has fewer provisions and is more difficult to alter, the Texas Constitution is reviewed for updates every year the legislature meets. During the course of their deliberations the legislature comes to grip with the reality that Texas voters and not the legislature have the ultimate power to determine how our Texas state government operates. While they might like to dictate to the citizens of Texas they are restricted by the provisions to be found in our constitution. When they want to make changes they must place those changes before the voters for approval or rejection.

This year there are eleven recommendations for change to the Texas Constitution. Not all of them are good. Not all of them are bad. As you consider each amendment you will find they have some good and some bad points. You as a registered voter in the State of Texas must determine what is better for the state by making a choice whether you wish to vote for or against each proposition.

You will find some people trying to convince you to vote against every amendment. This reaction is not one you as informed voter should accept. Your responsibility is to research each amendment and make up your own mind as to whether the proposition has merit.

Some people will say that if the legislature has placed these issues before the voters then those smart people in the legislature must believe they are important. I would agree that each proposition is important but, just as you shouldn’t accept that you should vote against on everything, you should also not accept that you should vote for on everything.

Early Voting in Person has been going on for a couple of days and so far the turnout has been very low. This is not uncommon with typical turnouts for constitutional amendment elections being about 7%. That is one if fourteen people coming forward to make their voice heard. If you trust the people who go to vote, even if there are only a few, then you must accept the decision made by these few individuals. On the other hand if you think your voice has not been heard on these issues, it is your responsibility to express your opinion in the form of voting

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