Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Register to Vote and Keep Your Information Current


There will be one more election this year and several elections to be held next year. Participation in any election requires you to be a registered voter. If you are not currently registered you may request an application from the Elections Office at 361-576-0124. When it arrives in the mail simply fill it out and return it (postage paid) to our office.

If you are already registered problems with the status of your registration can delay or deny your vote come Election Day. If there have been changes since your last application, now is the time to update that information with the voter registrar. The last day to make changes for the November election is Monday, October 5th. This is the first business day after 30 days prior to the election.

Voter registration begins with the application. At the time you submit your application you provide a residence address. The registration approval is dependent on the location of your residence within the county and your assignment to a voting precinct and polling location. If you change your residence your voter registration status is also changed, even if you move a short distance. To update your registration contact the voter registrar and update any information which has changed. A change of address card through the post office is insufficient to make this change.

There are several reasons an individual’s registration status might change.

Occasionally people don’t wish to serve on juries and will return a jury summons with the remark they no longer live in the county. While this does remove their responsibility to serve on a jury, it also cancels their voter registration status because they have submitted documentation indicating they are no longer a resident. The law requires the voter registrar to cancel a voter if they indicate they are no longer a county residence.

Sometimes people will move for a short time to a temporary residence. This could be to the beach house for the summer or to another city for a short term job requirement or as a student to a university or college. They may not consider this relocation any more than a short term stay. During their absence from their permanent residence some event may occur causing the voter registrar to suspect the person has abandoned their old residence. When this occurs the registrar sends a letter to the individual asking them to “confirm” their current residence. If the voter ignores the letter, doesn’t get the letter due to a stop on their mail, or responds they are not living in the county, the person’s registration status is suspended or cancelled.

Often when people move they forget to update their registration. Occasionally one person in the household will change their address and the other will forget or assume it was done for them. If your voter registration card has information which is not current, you should provide the current information on the back of the card, sign the card on the back and mail the corrections to the Elections Office at 111 N. Glass, Victoria, Texas 77901.