The November 3, 2009 Constitutional Amendment election is fast approaching and so is the deadline to register. Monday, October 5, 2009 is the last day to register to vote for this next election. This is the first business day after the 30th day before the election and is, by law, the last day to apply or update voter registration information for a coming election.

The Elections Office will be open on this last day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to accept applications or changes and is located at 111 N. Glass in downtown Victoria next to the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office.

Although this election may not have the candidate advertising you associate with most elections, it is never the less a very important election. There are eleven proposed changes to the Texas Constitution. The 81st Texas Legislature considered many problems and deemed these amendments to be the most important to be considered by the voters of Texas.

Proposition No. 1 – Protect military installations Proposition No. 2 – Ad valorem taxation of residence homestead Proposition No. 3 – Uniform standards for property appraisal Proposition No. 4 – National research university fund Proposition No. 5. – Consolidated board of equalizations for adjoining appraisal districts Proposition No. 6. – Veteran’s Land Board authorization to issue bonds Proposition No. 7 – Member of the militia or military to hold other civil office Proposition No. 8 – State to contribute resources towards veteran’s hospitals Proposition No. 9 – Public access to beaches on Gulf shores Proposition No. 10 – Emergency Services district to serve four year terms Proposition No. 11 – Limitation on use of eminent domain

To gain additional information on these important changes check out the guide created by the League of Women Voters of Texas.[FINAL].pdf