Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Runoff Election for Primary is Tuesday, April 13th


Judging from the only ninety or so voters who have come through my office over the first couple of days of early voting for the runoff election, not many people are interested in voting. This is a real shame.

To review. On Tuesday, April 13th there will be a runoff election for the Democratic and Republican parties. The runoff election was triggered by no candidate in three key races earning a majority of the votes cast. Primary elections require a majority vote for the party nominee.

The Democrats are voting on their nominee for United States Representative, District 14. Winston Cochran and Robert Pruett are on the ballot.

The Republicans are voting on their nominees for Justice of the Supreme Court, Place 3 and County Chairman. For the judge position Debra Lehrmann and Rick Green are on the ballot. For the chairman position Mary Anne Wyatt and Michael Cloud are on the ballot.

The election on Tuesday will require voters to vote at their election precinct polling location. Thirty-five polling locations will be open from 7 am to 7 pm on Tuesday but each voter may cast their ballot at only the polling place located within their voting precinct.

You do have until Friday, April 9th to vote early at the Main Early Voting Polling Location located at 111 N. Glass in downtown Victoria. Anyone from across the county may vote at the early voting site.

If you did not participate in the primary election you are allowed to vote in either party's runoff election. If you did vote in the primary, you may vote in the same party's runoff.

Being a good citizen requires effort on the part of the individual. Some of that effort is selecting nominees for the general election who will represent your interests.