Although voter registration for this election ended Monday, February 2nd, most people still have an opportunity to vote. There are several provisions under the law which prevent the disenfrancishment of voters.

Registration is tied to residence and many people move. Some people move a lot. They tell me almost 10% of the population changes their residence in a year's time.

If you have moved within the county and did not update your registration, you are allowed to return to your former precinct to vote during this election. During early voting or at your polling location they will ask if you still reside at the same address we have for voter registration. If you have moved the clerks will give you an opportunity to update your registration by filing out a Statement of Residence card. You will then be allowed to vote at your old precinct so long as you still reside in the county.

If you have moved from another county and did not update your registration, you may vote a Limited Ballot. This may only be done during early voting in person and at the Main Early Voting Polling Location at 111 N. Glass. You will be asked to complete a Limited Ballot Application which will allow you to vote on those issues common to your old county of residence and Victoria County. You must be a registered voter in your old county to request a limited ballot. The application will also register you in Victoria County.

There is also a Provisional Ballot application for individuals who believe they have completed all the requirements for registration but do not show up on our voter registration roles. Provisional voters will be given a ballot which is held until after the election so that a review of information included in the application can be verified. If we find it was our records which were incomplete, we'll count the provisional ballot. If we determine we were not at fault, the provisional ballot is not counted.

If you have questions about voting, please feel free to call the Elections Office at 576-0124, come by the office at 111 N. Glass or e-mail us at