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The last day for my office to accept an Application for a Ballot by Mail is Tuesday, February 23rd. Applications will be accepted up to 5 pm. An application must be delivered in the mail and cannot be dropped off once early voting in person begins. Applications can also be faxed to our office if the originating fax is out of the county.

Most of the people who are eligible to vote by mail and wish to use this method of voting have already submitted their application. These are individuals who are sixty-five years of age or older or who have a disability which prevents them from entering a polling location. Another reason is being confined in jail with an active voter registration.

The last group of voters by mail is less predicatable. These are individuals who are absent from the county from now through Election Day. Included in this group are college students, living out of town but still registered to vote in Victoria County. Another group is working people who are out of town with their jobs.

For those who are away from the county you still have a few days to submit your application for a mail ballot. You can check our web site at and select a mail ballot. Print the application and fax it to the number listed at the top. Remember the deadline is 5 pm on February 23rd for the March 2nd Primary Election. Don't forget to include your preference for political party.

For more information please contact the Elections Office at 576-0124.